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The Future Is What We Make It

Says who? Says the mad scientists at eGem Labs, a development studio experimenting on the eGem blockchain.

Decentralized by nature

Current centralized systems have been all too prone to censorship, asset seizure, and manipulation.

eGem is a fast, cheap, and secure Blockchain. We’re building dapps on it in an attempt to inherit its decentralization technology.

Equitable by design

Our dapps are designed to reward users with financial incentives, ensuring the community is a beneficiary of the wealth it creates.

In addition to revenue sharing, users might also be able to vote on the direction of development and governance.

Private by choice

Privacy is a core specimen in our experiments. Our scientists value their privacy and respects that of others.

We are creating and operating in an environment free of externally imposed discrimination, for better or for worse.

Our experiments

Some of our stable projects(no implosions) include…

Nft Studios

Studios is the ultimate NFT studio. Mint NFTs and be rewarded with author royalties, airdrops, and more!

NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell NFTs and get rewarded! eGem Store is an advanced NFT marketplace that rewards users.


Find out everything eGem! News, projects, airdrops, and more! This is where all things eGem begin.

Our latest articles

Filings from the labs. Careful, might contain radioactive elements.

Are you curious yet?!

Join our community, meets the team, ask questions and become a Web3 specimen. See how this experiment goes.